Author Topic: MY CALVARY, MY CROSS  (Read 644 times)

Walter Kirchbauer

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« on: July 13, 2015, 11:37:02 AM »

I had been 5 years in faith and 24 years old when I felt myself drawn into full-time service for the Lord and therefore entered as a co-worker the Philadelphia-Ministry in Germany, a charity including an orphanage, a home for elderly and a Gospel-ministry. I was working there three and a half years in the bookshop, sending out Christian books.
The principal reason for entering this modern-day cloister was my strong desire to put the message of the perfect surrender - which was the mainspring of the Philadelphia Movement - into practice. My time there was a precious education and discipline which led me ultimately to my intended goal.

After 3 years I came to a point where this perfect surrender became a reality to me, which the founder of the ministry described as God, taking possession of our innermost being, so that our innermost desire is only to please and to obey Him, and to be at His complete disposal, totally separated from all ungodliness.

After following the gentle prompting of the Holy Spirit, it became soon apparent that the unity I had with my brothers was not complete and more based on the natural and soulish than on the purely spiritual. To obey the Lord completely, I waw compelled to leave my dearest spiritual family, which was a painful process. In hindsight the Lord confirmed to me that my experience, then, was in harmony with the Scriptures like Hebrew 13.13: "Let us go to Him outside the camp, bearing the disgrace He bore."

Furthermore, I am convinced that my separation from my Church was partly a fulfilment of the predicted birth of the man-child out from the woman, as described in Revelation 12, which every believer, who is going to be an overcomer, has to endure, in some form or another as his or her personal Calvary - and so share the victory of the Lord over sin, death and the devil.

I have been living alone here in the UK for 22 years now and for most of this time my ministry consisted in ministering to the Lord by believing (having the inner witness of His full approval) and enduring patiently my personal cross of being alone for the benefit of the Church. I consider the suffering I am willingly bearing in His strength (His burden is light) the very best service, I can contribute for the sake of all true chosen ones
(Col. 1.24, 2.Cor. 4.11-12) - even if in an hidden and unobtrusive way.

However for the last 18 months I have been richly blessed by the privilege of bearing witness on various internet sites, like linkedin and facebook. My hope is fully set on the grace (of perfection in every way), given to us when Jesus Christ is revealed. (1. Peter 1.13) His grace is sufficient for me in all my weakness.